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Watch That Sound Web Audio MeetupDonderdag 29 maart organiseert V2_ samen met Watch That Sound een avond rond Web Audio. 


This event has alredy passed. What happened?

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 V2_  Eendrachtsstraat 10  Rotterdam, NL

Info on V2_ website 

Web Audio Meet Up 29 maart 19:00

Live Web Audio electronics as an opportunity to expand the potential of voice and instrument, including improvisational practices.

Web Audio is a powerful API that can be used to work with sound in a web browser, for L creating effects, visualizations and even new instruments.

Who?   Sound makers, programmers, musicians, producers, javascripters, music educators, composers, sound designers

Ideas: Share your experiences.   Have a chat and a drink.

Presentation of educational soundtool with chrome extension to combine all Web Audio instruments

Screenshot 2017 11 29 11.48.42 COMBIEXTENSIE

Come and compose a short Web Audio sound track or composition with a movie.

Join a live Web Audio improvisation session based on visuals.

Set up a Web Audio community and share ideas regarly.



V2_ and Watch That Sound


Program (Still open for your ideas)

19.00 Doors open

19.30 Presentations - Presentator DJ Handy Tim.

- Chrome Extension for combining Web instruments (Jacques van de Veerdonk)

- The technical story of the chrome extension (Jan Misker) 
- Modulating samples in the browser (Enio Ramalho)
- Your presentation? (See below for details)

20.30 Instant Live Composition Challenge. Make instant composition for a movie. Movie is created by NMNNAT.

The first live challenge is accepted by Jonnamaan,  a vocalist. 

He makes a live composition on the NMNNAT movie with Eni-less and Frank Goverts.

21.00 Drinks & Creative time (5 workstations for you to play around with Web Audio & Watch That Sound are available, but feel free to bring your own laptop)

22.00 End/New beginnings

If you are interested in participating by presenting a project, a tool, a Web Audio app or performing during the evening please contact Jacques van de Veerdonk on [email protected]

(toegevoegd 7 maart) Why 

  • If you are already interested in getting to know about Web Audio and web instruments.
  • If you want to give a short introduction about Web Audio.
  • If who want to show your Web Audio projects.
  • If you want to try out your Web Audio performance.
  • If you don’t know anything about programming or music production but loves to know the music of the future
  • All are welcome! - Join us at Web Audio Meetup Rotterdam- 29 March
  • Else …Please read this:


“Many live their lives not knowing there is a beautiful grand piano in their room. They don’t see.

They do not even know the visitors from everywhere on this planet on that piano. They don’t see.

Interested to open your eyes? Join and play along with this link using Chrome: http://www.multiplayerpiano.com/  ”

 Screenshot 2018 03 08 09.55.49


 Web Audio gaat het muziekmaken de komende jaren veranderen. Bijna niemand is zich bewust van de vele muzikale mogelijkheden die er nu al zijn met o.a. Google chrome. Onze app maakt al twee jaar gebruik van deze algorimten. (o.a. de record pagina draait in web audio)

Inmiddels zijn er overal initiatieven ontstaan. Zo zijn er prachtige retro instrumenten te gebruiken op het web. Zoals de beroemde drummachine Roland 808, ontwikkeld door No-Lick, die u direct kunt gebruiken. Open met chrome deze link:  Drummachine

De avond is een eerste kennismaking voor ieder die geintereseerd is in muziek maken met de browser.  Meer info volgt.

Noteer alvast in uw agenda: donderdag 29 maart 19:00 V2_ Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam.