ECFA artikel over project in Matta (SR)

In het on line magazine van de Eu kinderfilmproducenten is in februari aandacht gegeven aan het project in Suriname.


Watch That Sound in Suriname

The Dutch music project Watch That Sound visited Suriname in November 2013, invited by the Ministry of Education and the Dutch Embassy in Paramaribo as a part of Connect2Inspire.

Surinam teachers and education officials discussed how to improve the use of ICT by inland pupils. Expert organisations were invited to showcase practical examples: language and mathematics workshops (provided by UNICEF), a Surinam media project by The Back Lot, and multimedia workshop Watch That Sound. All met in Matta, an Indian forest village at two hours driving from Paramaribo.

What do you need for adding sound to a movie? ‘Electric power’, we learned at the Matta village school, every time the headmaster had to fix a power cut. The school was equipped with a modern computer lab that we transformed into a sound studio. Technical equipment, musical instruments, and the ten workstations we brought… that’s all you need to make a short animation soundtrack.

Gravel Pits & Thunder Drums

”We’re from Rotterdam. What tribe are you from?” The answers ‘Aworak’ and ‘Saamakka’ made clear we were dealing with native Indians and Maroon descendants, each speaking their own language. Their first assignment was to make music on a walk through the woods in rain and storm, using thunder drums, gravel pits, wind machine and metal. They also made their own instruments that fitted in perfectly. A rhythm piece, improvised at the spot, convinced us about their musical talent.

Teachers’ Pride

It was fantastic to see how children, who often hardly ever worked with computers before, independently recorded their sound reels. The Surinam teachers very positively expressed their pride in those pupils, who often came up with creative solutions. We were happy that our open source music software was able to build such solid bridges. (Jacques van de Veerdonk)


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