Watch That Sound


Watch That Sound has developed an innovative process of media education. The assumption is a low level approachable method from the sound designer’s / composer’s point of view. Anyone can discover the creative possibilities of sound and music. Let your sounds tell the story.


The project was initiated during the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and has now in the Netherlands a base of movie houses, festivals, music, media and cultural institutes, for example The Cinekid Film Festival Amsterdam, Codarts Institute of arts Rotterdam.

Meanwhile some steps have been achieved: the creation of 25 short "silent“ films, an open source and free available software tool and a large number of workshops. Not only in the Netherlands, also some little steps abroad: Japan, Suriname and Belgium.


The live recording of an emotional reaction of what you see on screen is pure and expressive. The workshops teachers are media artists and creators themselves connected to art schools, such as Rotterdam Conservatory. To realize the software Watch That Sound works together to develop the software with the Institute of Unstable Media V2_. Rotterdam NL.

It is frequently discussed in recent years by experts: the supply in the art education is lagging behind with regard to the available new technology. The methodology is generally old fashioned and not well adapted to the everyday world of pupils/students and their interests. Watch That Sound takes the challenge to fill this niche in the art education and tries to build bridges between the art education, music and new media.

For that purpose we have developed:

  • A free software: The Watch that Sound Tool, an inspiring and easy to use musical software.
  • Silent movies, made by talented young artists.
  • Worked with over 10.000 users of all ages in sound and music workshops.

Workshop at the Cinekid film festival

An impression of a work session during the Cinekid film festival oct 2012, with material of Tim Burton, Frankenweenie:

Walt Disney gave us permission to use the movie scenes for free. Credits Cinekid Film Festival Oct 2012.

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Publication in the ECFA Journal Jan 2013:

ecfa kl 

Open window with the article: ecfa_wts13_1.pdf

Software Tool

The new Watch That Sound Tool 4.1 is an on line software program for composing soundtracks.

It is avaible from 26 March 2014, the English version since 26 January ( The software uses the latest  HTML5 modules of Google Chrome. Be sure for using the last Chrome update.)

The link for the online version: Watch That Sound App 

The link of the manual:. Manual App Watch That Sound 4.1

Some more links:

A composer session: Composition Students Rotterdam Conservatory.