Watch That Sound


This is where you start to make a storyboard of the key moments in the clip where you want to make the sounds. These important moments are identified by markers, which help you create an outline of the shape and structure of the sound track.

Once you’ve found a suitable moment to make a sound, place a marker. The marker buttons can be found on the red bar.

These markers act like a visual storyboard, and by clicking on them you can move from one selected frame to another. Then you start to build a picture of where you want the sounds and music to appear.

manual scenes

Two types of markers

Add scene

This marks the major changes, in contrast or scenes. For example, when the action goes from outside to inside, or flashbacks. The images are large and the background colour of the scene changes.

Add marker

This marks special moments where music and sound have a major influence. The pictures are smaller, and connected to a symbol.


By clicking ‘delete marker / scene’ you can remove a scene or marker. Adding and deleting marker tabs is only possible in the ‘Scenes’ storyboard.

When you’re finished with the ’Scenes’ storyboard, go to the menu tab in the navigation panel and click > Tension Line >