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When you click on ‘Tension Line’ in the menu, a new window appears above the storyboard screen that contains a customisable yellow line set in a ‘neutral’ position. The line contains yellow nodes that mark the high and low tension points in the story. The higher the tension, the higher the line.

manual tension line

Matching the action points with the visual storyboard, the yellow nodes give shape to the peaks and valleys of the dramatic tension of the story. Need more nodes? Go back to the ‘Scenes’ storyboard and add a new scene or special marker.

De knooppunten in de grafiek worden bepaald door de markers. Heb je meer knopen nodig ga dan terug naar de ‘Scènes’ pagina en voeg een nieuwe scene of speciale marker in.

The ‘Tension Line’ can only be edited in the tension window.

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