Watch That Sound


There are certain steps that film composers follow to create a soundtrack. There are exceptions, but we know from experience that great results come from following a structured path. Or workflow as it’s commonly known. To get the dramatic results you desire, try these following steps.

1. Analysis

Analyse your movie clip. What’s happening? What emotions are important? What are the key elements?

2. Structure

Break it down into simple scene sentences. Consider the mood of each moving part.

3. Tension Line

Map out the rise and fall of the dramatic tension between scenes. Anchor the lines to the key tension moments.

4. Visual Score

Sketch out your sound ideas using lines and dots. Capture and place them quickly and easily where you want to record them in the timeline.

5. Recording

Create the sounds, perform the music, and make the sound file.

6. Audio Edit

Edit sound files with partial selection, volume control, and copy functions.

7. Mixdown

Mix all audio tracks down under the film.

8. Result

Upload and download the film with the soundtrack. Give yourself feedback about the result compared with your original idea. Re-record sections if necessary.